The Revolution of Work

NextSpace was one of the first companies to address the “virtual office space” marketplace. Taking the dynamics of the “shared economy” into a B2B setting established them as the market leader, but this had also led to the appearance of multiple upstarts and new solutions in the marketplace. The goal was to recreate the brand in a way that continued to reinforce NextSpace’s market leadership position, but also at the same time making them more personal and approachable to their audience.

The Solution

At its core NextSpace coworking is a place where individuals or small groups come to work in a professional environment that has all of the amenities of a real life office...but maybe a little more "dot-commy". The NextSpace identity had to convey the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that every element was important. This idea is what carried us through all of the their identity.

Our Role

The Result

“To expand the company into a national and international presence, our brand needed to be able to scale with us. The team at Theory patiently educated us on the mechanics of a brand and completely rebuilt the underlying framework of NextSpace’s identity. They then created a new identity for the company that met our need for scalability while staying true to our origins.”

Jeremy Neuner | CEO | NextSpace Coworking