Better Together

As one of the major players in the phone case market Speck needs to stay ahead of the curve with not only the design of their cases but also with the design community that is fueling their success. As a company they believe in allowing creative people to do what creative people do and they stand behind that internally as well as externally. Artsprojeckt is a collective of street and progressive fine artists that partnered with Speck to design some cases.

The Solution

In-order to connect with the group of customers that would be attracted to a collaboration such as this one we had to come up with an authentic solution that would resonate. So, we took Speck’s existing packaging and made it look like a graffiti artist took a think black Sharpie to it, we achieved the "homegrown" street feel we were going for and attracted the customers we were going after.

Our Role

The Result

“What we like about working with Theory is that it gives us access to the their strategic thinking as well as their sound design. We use them when we need an outside perspective that can give us a different view of our products and design, and it gets us to market faster and more effectively. This is where their consumer tech expertise really shines.”

Owen Troy | Creative Director | Speck