SOL Republic is a headphone company founded by a team of industry veterans. They came up with a unique vision for the market, a personal audio system where the sound drivers, bands, and cords could all be mixed and matched to create a headphone that was as unique and individual as the owner. What SOL needed was a branding solution that was as unique as the product itself, able to stand out in a market where all the packaging was starting to look the same.


The Solution

The marketplace was dominated by a sea of black boxes on the shelves of stores across the country. Our plan was to go in the opposite direction, creating a branding system where graphics and energy replaced single-color boxes. We created a dynamic look and feel that echoed the dynamism of people changing the components of the headphones to suit their lives and their music.

Our Role

The Result

“Theory Associates helped us hone our own creative concepts and provided a fresh perspective that made our products stand out in a crowded environment. Theory's knowledge and experience for retail environments, branding, and packaging is truly unique, and their versatility and passion as a creative partner is highly valued.”

Raffi Aghapekian | Senior Product Manager | SOL REPUBLIC