Following up on their celebrity endorsement juggernaut, Beats by Dre, Monster Products set its sights on conquering a much younger demographic, and what better ambassador to enter the youth market than Nick Cannon. He came to Monster with a solid fan base in place and a brand called Ncredible which was about community and youth empowerment. Together they created an affordable line of headphones that younger budgets could afford, without sacrificing the quality they deserved.


The Solution

The Ncredible identity had to appeal to not only the youth market, but also adults if it was going to be taken seriously as a brand. We saw comic books as a genre that appealed to a wide rage of age groups and modeled the logo after this idea. The brand is about making incredible statements so we strove to make one as well with the design of their brand mark.

Our Role

The Result

Since the creation of the Ncredible identity no one has pushed it harder into the stratosphere than Nick Cannon himself. The identity was created for the collaborative headphone line with Monster but today its has gone leagues farther. If you see Nick Cannon anywhere this identity will usually be somewhere in tow. From the diamond encrusted bling around his neck to the silk screen and embroidered logos on his cloths to the record label baring the same name, in his world you can’t miss it.

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