On the heals of the Beats by Dre success Monster decided to bring high quality sound to the people living active lifestyles. Understanding that the common pitfalls of tradition earbuds was that they slip out of sweaty ears or when you go to the gym you use your most disposable pair. High quality sound was sacrificed for practicality and it was time for the table to turn.


The Solution

The idea was to illustrate active people leading energetic lifestyles which means lots of different physical activities. One day they might be snowboarding, then go to the gym and then finish off with a bike ride. No one activity conveyed this overall idea so the brand had to perform many activities in one image.

Our Role

The Result

"Theory Associates design skills are not only admirable, but never before have I witnessed a design agency put such smart, purposeful thought into an idea. Theory Associates clearly understands the business and is always looking for ways to improve interaction and incorporate budding technologies. The iSport project they worked on for Monster far exceed our expectations and they delivered such clear, effective & beautiful design work that it will resonate for years to come."

Frank Vallejo | Art Director | Monster Products

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