Caught up in the world pool of apple-centric products that start with the letter “i”, iLuv was looking for its own identity. A way they could stick-out in crowd of me-too competitors all competing for the same place in the mind of the consumer. Our goal was to create a strategy to help leverage what brand equity they already had while building some elbow room in the market-place that they could call their own.


The Solution

By dropping the ® in their logo like a period we were able to turn a "feeling" into a firm statement. Then we accented their brand with declarations like "iLuv my sound", so the customer read them internally. We then reversed their color scheme and created original shaped packaging structures to give them a look that was truly innovative but more importantly their own.

Our Role

The Result

Today iLuv is not a brand that looks 80% apple and 20% themselves but quite the opposite. They have a strong retail presence and a brand mantra that they can continue to launch their sum thousands of products from with confidence. You can find them on the retail shelves of Inmotion airport stores and Best Buy.