When the folks that brought you Panamax and Niles developed a new audio product, they weren’t just looking for a new name and packaging. They needed a brand architecture that could act as a launch pad for an entire family of wireless audio products. The goal was to create an entire branding package that would shepherd that concept through all of the marketing touch points.


The Solution

The first goal was to create a brand name that would instantly position the product and impart meaning, as if it was a decades-old brand. We came up with “Korus,” a name that embraced the multi-speaker, multi-room functionality of the device and combined it with the fact that multiple people could use the product. More importantly, it brought excitement and passion back to music with the tagline “Lock & Rock” created for the launch.

Our Role

The Result

“Theory is unique in that they are not just our agency, they are our partner, sounding board, and industry expert. We benefit as much from their strategic knowledge and consumer tech experience as we do from their design and branding skills.”

Chris Bundy | Director of Marketing | CORE Brands