It had been a few years since Scosche’s flagship line of car audio cables and accessories had been updated, and it was time for some serious revitalization. Since their last revamp the company had grown and so had their scope of products. The line was now too big to be to be contained by just one brand name, but the EFX brand was too strong to walk away from. Therein lay the riddle.


The Solution

The first order of business when approaching a redesign of an established brand such as Scosche’s EFX is to not throw out the baby with the bath water. There was a lot of positive things going on and we retained all of them before starting our design process. Once we established the backbone for the line we diversified it with some strong line differentiation and a system that customers could easily understand.

Our Role

The Result

“Theory Associates quickly became more of a partner to us than just another design shop. Clear communication, smart organized workflow and raw design talent are the big 3 for me. It’s good fun working with Theory. And it always yields great results.”

Jeff Mesaros | Creative Director | Scosche Indusutries