Some leaps are harder than others, but for a high-end furniture company to start making AV accessories was more like skydive than a leap. Bell’O already had strong brand recognition, but how they planned to relaunch that brand into Consumer Tech was the challenge they presented us. Everything from the design of their products to the shape and design of their packaging had to respect the companies roots, and yet come still be authentic when they reached retail.


The Solution

We wanted to maintain the existing brand equity built on their style of furniture. We used a combination of sexy curves and sturdy shapes that echoed their design history. This design ethos led to packaging that matched the design of their cable connectors, an entire presentation that was accented by by a strong graphical execution that made them look as trustworthy in consumer technology as they were in furniture.

Our Role

The Result

"Working with Theory was a unique and rewarding experience. Rarely do we find a design firm that is equally proficient with physical structures as they are in design. As a result, they were able to create a seamless and powerful voice for our packaging where the design and physical packaging were in perfect harmony."

Marc Sculler | CEO | Bell’O