Sometimes you just need a fresh take on things. There’s no great overarching concept needed or opportunity to exploit, only a need to evolve with the market and avoid castles crumble from neglect. Old product line can become formulaic over time and keeping things fresh can sometimes be not only a chore but a little difficult for in-house departments that, for lack of a better word, are sick of looking at it.


The Solution

We offer Belkin an outside perspective on many different things from packaging design, identity, illustration and structural design. They need new ideas and we have a certain skill set that keeps them well fed with them.

Our Role

The Result

We’ve had a long standing relation with Belkin since 2008 and we hope to continue working with them long into the future. They are an ever expanding brand with a lot of moving parts and as much grease as we can offer to keep the machine humming along we will be glad to do.