Connecting Technology

When a company that operates solely in the custom install space wanted to make the switch to a consumer facing company that sells products at retail, the conversation had to change. We had to take complex, innovative products and communicate their benefits with ease. Ultimately, this required a total revamp of Atlona’s entire identity and messaging. Gone were the days of talking tech to AV professionals; instead, we had to make them grandma simple.

The Solution

Creating a new identity starts with a simple message: what do you want to say to the world, and more importantly, why should anyone care? In this case, Atlona created products that connected different pieces of technology that otherwise didn’t communicate very well. From the slogan to their new identity, we made them about connecting technology and moving the customer forward.

Our Role

The Result

Theory helped give shape to things that were shapeless over here at Atlona. From completely upgrading and re-launching our brand and identity to developing key sales tools, product collateral, websites and more, they engaged with all levels of the Company to quickly asses our product lines, competitors and market areas and responded immediately with recommendations and solutions that made an immediate and measurable impact.

Brent Baer | Executive Director, Marketing | Atlona Technologies

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