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The Consumer Tech retail channel is as massive as it is competitive. Products and brands that seem to take over the market one year can disappear the next without a trace. Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show 150,000 people converge on Las Vegas just to get a glimpse of some 20,000 new products that will hope to filter down into a store near you. For those that successfully make it into your hands and then to the cash register, product packaging is where the “rubber met the road.”

A letter to Logitech’s competitors


August 2015

When a company makes major changes to its brand it usually signifies a strategic shift in direction. This can be triggered by numerous things, from entering new markets, to competitive positioning, to reinvigorating sales by appearing "new." Whatever the reason, it impacts their competitors. In the case of Logitech, their recent rebranding is made more significant because they are a leader in so many categories, from peripherals, to mobility and gaming. If Logitech applies the same Designing Thinking across all of their categories, the way they are starting with the Blok iPad cases, their competition will be left scratching their heads while they lose market share....

Target takes us home


July 2015

Last week Target launched their new Open House concept store in San Francisco, an attempt to take the currently disparate parts of the world of the smart homes and home automation and try to make sense of them for the shopper. TWICE was invited to preview the new store the day before it opened. One thing became very clear as we toured this new approach; Target has completely reimagined the retail experience for these types of products....

The Coolest Thing At CES You Didn’t See


January 2015

I saw a lot of really cool stuff, from robots and drones and next-level TVs to handheld 3D gaming devices that don’t require glasses. One blog couldn’t even begin to cover it all, but I can tell you about the coolest thing I saw at CES and it wasn’t a product. It was a trade show booth. ...

Starbucks: The Technology Launch Pad


December 2014

I don’t think it’s a very daring statement to say that Starbucks is more than a hot beverage company. Even though they sell more than 2 billion cups of coffee per year, I think the name means more to the average Joe (yes, pun very much intended). I mean, they just bought La Boulange for a $100 million dollars and now you see the San Francisco brand popping up everywhere you see a Starbucks, but I wouldn’t consider them a bakery. Well, maybe they’re a little of all of these, but I’d like to add one more: they’re a technology company....

Social Sabbatical: Episode I


December 2014

See, over the past ten years I’ve developed what I would describe as a galactically robust addiction to a whole host of social networks. I’ve got LinkedIn for my “professional face,” Facebook for keeping tabs on my friends and acquaintances, Twitter for my quick thoughts and observations, and Instagram for my visual life, and those are just the main ones. I realize that I’m that guy who is constantly zoned out while staring at his life through the small window of a phone, and I absolutely hate that....

Tech Recon: Save yourself from yourself at retail


November 2014

Store and department managers have a ton of control over how your products are merchandised and with regards to the Big 4 (Best Buy, Apple, Target and Wal-Mart), how are you going to control how you show up in some 15,000 US store fronts? The reality is you can’t control how the retailers are controlling you but you can save yourself from the most dangerous entity in the world…yourself....

Tech Recon: Be true to your shelf


November 2014

In general, the consumer tech industry is run by engineering and sales types. Not a shocking revelation I know, but the public wants to believe that at the helm of every company sits a visionary “Steve Jobs” type challenging the status quo in their tireless quest to make the world a better place. It’s a nice thought, but when you consider some of the missteps we see while walking the aisles of Consumer Tech retail it would appear that the reality of the situation is quite the opposite....

Tech Recon: The 4 Best packaging designs in Best Buy


November 2014

What exactly makes for “good” packaging and what are the driving factors that make something effective in this market? During one of my weekly visits to Best Buy, I decided to highlight a few examples of some really good consumer tech packaging, and why I think so. Now, some of these examples have been around for awhile, but the fact that they are still relevant and very effective only reinforces the reason why they are making this list. ...

Making the Complex Simple: The Creation of a Sport


September 2014

At the core of why our agency exists is to introduce ideas that the public has never heard of, and in some cases have no...

CES2014 in review: The good, the bad, and the gnarly, dude


January 2014

CES is massive, so if you blink you might miss the good stuff. Here's a couple of companies that did a good job, a couple that missed the mark and one that nailed it....

Garage Brand: Why do many larger brands feel the need to start over


October 2013

When re-branding a well known company its important to know what meaning their brand inherently has so you don't discard it in the process....

Follow the herd or be heard: Copying your competition can be dangerous


July 2013

Ever hear the quote “Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal”? Legend has it that Picasso said this one back in the day but for what reason?...

Big League Packaging: How to bring consumers in from left field


June 2013

Product packaging communicates differently at different vantage points around a retail store. Here's we break those vantage points down for you....