A letter to Logitech’s competitors



August 2015

When a company makes major changes to its brand it usually signifies a strategic shift in direction. This can be triggered by numerous things, from entering new markets, to competitive positioning, to reinvigorating sales by appearing "new." Whatever the reason, it impacts their competitors. In the case of Logitech, their recent rebranding is made more significant because they are a leader in so many categories, from peripherals, to mobility and gaming. If Logitech applies the same Designing Thinking across all of their categories, the way they are starting with the Blok iPad cases, their competition will be left scratching their heads while they lose market share.... more >>

Making the Complex Simple: The Creation of a Sport



September 2014

At the core of why our agency exists is to introduce ideas that the public has never heard of, and in some cases have no... more >>

CES2014 in review: The good, the bad, and the gnarly, dude



January 2014

CES is massive, so if you blink you might miss the good stuff. Here's a couple of companies that did a good job, a couple that missed the mark and one that nailed it.... more >>

Garage Brand: Why do many larger brands feel the need to start over



October 2013

When re-branding a well known company its important to know what meaning their brand inherently has so you don't discard it in the process.... more >>