The Coolest Thing At CES You Didn’t See



January 2015

I saw a lot of really cool stuff, from robots and drones and next-level TVs to handheld 3D gaming devices that don’t require glasses. One blog couldn’t even begin to cover it all, but I can tell you about the coolest thing I saw at CES and it wasn’t a product. It was a trade show booth. ... more >>

Tech Retail



December 2014

The Consumer Tech retail channel is as massive as it is competitive. Products and brands that seem to take over the market one year can disappear the next without a trace. Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show 150,000 people converge on Las Vegas just to get a glimpse of some 20,000 new products that will hope to filter down into a store near you. For those that successfully make it into your hands and then to the cash register, product packaging is where the “rubber met the road.”... more >>

CES2014 in review: The good, the bad, and the gnarly, dude



January 2014

CES is massive, so if you blink you might miss the good stuff. Here's a couple of companies that did a good job, a couple that missed the mark and one that nailed it.... more >>