Cameras, games, televisions, CD players, computers… today, we hold all of these technologies in the palm of our hand. The crowded tech market moves so fast that even if you devote all of your time studying it, you’re going to play catch up. With decades of experience launching consumer electronics products, we hit the ground running, and can expertly position your innovations so that they stand out with consumers.


Jamie Capozzi | President

I started Theory because I love to build things, and the coolest things on the planet are being built in Consumer Tech. We are inspired by the innovations that are created in this industry every day, and the visionaries who launch them. And our contribution is helping people understand and crave these products. That’s what brings us to the studio every day.

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Our Team

It all comes down to really good people and our Kung Fu is very good. Our talented team, composed of the very best designers, writers, and brand strategists, has more than 57 collective years in the Consumer Tech industry.